The Wickedest Sound

Playlist The Wickedest Sound 2012-08-08
00 Clubroot – Ennio’s Eden (‘III – MMXII’, Lo Dubs, LODUBS12001)
01 Otto von Schnarch – Salpica (‘Supermeng’, Monkeytown, MTR028LP)
02 Danny Scrilla – X (‘Flash Powder EP’, Cosmic Bridge, CBR006)
03 Tom Phonic – Son Jim Lee (‘Good Luck Knowing’, Memory Format, MFM13)
04 Cluekid – Into The Jungle (Terrain Records, TR005)
05 Oberman Knocks – Pneuquonsis On Return (Quinoline Yellow Rmx)
(‘Beatcroff Slabs’, Aperture, AP004EP)
06 Biome – Swan (Smokin Sessions, SMOKE018)
07 Egoless – Woodpecker’s Groove (Lo Dubs, forthcoming)
08 214 – Get With It (‘Fuzzy Leash EP’, Yellow Machines, YM010)
09 Om Unit – Ulysses (‘Aeolian’, Civil Music, CIV038)
10 Randy Barracuda – Mega Church
(‘The Random Works of Randy Barracuda Vol.II’, Losonofono, LSF-21)
11 Blue Daisy X Unknown Shapes – Beautiful Nightmares
(‘Bedtime Stories EP’, Black Acre, ACRE036)
12 ASC & Sam KDC – Cold Spot (Auxiliary, AUXWL002)
13 DRS – Count To Ten ft. Enei (Soul:r, SOULR055)
14 Ben Frost – H√≠bakusja (‘By The Throat’, Bedroom Community, HVALUR6LP)

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