Producer Contest Winner

I competed in the Supreme Bars producer and emcee challenge showcase. In pre-COVID, I used to attend this showcase and compete sometimes. Its so awesome to be a winner this time! Big thanks to all the people involved, especially Roberto (host) for making it all happen. Please give the show a watch, thumbs up, and comment if you’re feeling like showing them some extra love for voting me up to be a winner this round. You can follow Supreme Bars at the links below and see past and upcomming challenges. Feel free to join in as a contestant, the crew is very welcoming and artist for artist based. Always good vibes is what I’m saying:


Additionally, two of the three beats I submitted are released and you can download or stream them from the links below:
– Mississippi Magic: Bandcamp
– Melted Records: Bandcamp | Spotify | Available on all other platforms

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