Nomadic Roots Live @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Nomadic Roots has been a project I’ve been working on with Lana Bunny, a very talented soul / jazzy singer, for the last 2 years. We’ve played many a festival and are a major back bone with the UDKU parties.

Friday October 24th for CMJ Music Festival.

UDKU hand picks it’s artist to create a unique curated night of music. It’s like our live mix tape for you of our favorite artists you’ve never heard but should be listening to on the regular.

COME FOR THE WHOLE EVENT – BRING YOUR DOG (no for real!! its a dog friendly bar) – NO COVER – MUST BE 21+

Araless (Seattle):

Mike Larry Draw: (Brooklyn):

Nomadic Roots (Tom Phonic – Brooklyn / Lana Bunny –
Long Island):

Oddlogic (Queens):–ePOoanA

Anonymous (And On I Must) + Brainius: (Manhattan)

The Sperm Whale (Everywhere):

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