Music Video!

Its a fun story. I used to be in a punk rock band, Phoney Moaners, playing mostly guitar and singing. The bassist, Johnny Dreulinger, left St. Louis to move to Seattle and I a bit later left St. Louis to move to New York. We kept in touch and eventually I moved to Seattle to make a hip hop album with my brother, IfThen, about 10 years after our punk band quit. After the Naksty Grubbins album with my brother I moved back to NYC and started a band with my friend Jon. You still following this? Johnny saw that I was here and said he moved here too. So 12 years later he joined our band, Tiny Beast. (We have an album release show in OCT) Well anyway, he made a video of him taking an entire day exploring the LA subway system and made this fun music video using my song off my solo album, Good Luck Knowing.

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