Jam in the Cyber Kitchen

Little did Queensbridge know, but a musically altering series of events happened back in the late 00’s. It was a basement apartment with a small walled in backyard, perfect enough with a patio for a fire pit, a kitchen below our neighbors, who seemed to stay up for longer periods than we did and comically unaffected by us turning it up to 11 whenever we felt like it. 36-31 12th Street is where “Jam in the Kitchen” was born. It wasn’t a party where anyone knew each other. It was a party where we invited strangers from the internet during the Myspace artist boom, before facebook, and when EM411.com was only just starting to find its final resting place in the internet archives of the long lost tribes of post-social media devastation. We set up the drum kit next to the washing machine, amps next to the oven. An old roommate brought his younger brother with timbales, hippy crack guy ruined jams with non-stop guitar petal feedback loops, the stand holding synths swapped from brand to brand, the bass guitar always turned up on the little amp giving it some quality that just made you want to drink more crappy beer. There weren’t iPhone pictures to remember it. It was post-post selfies. It didn’t care if you downloaded their new album or supported them on Patreon. It was just us there for making music together and meeting each other. Out of it, friendships and IRL connections were made.

In an effort to keep true to that vibe, I am hosting a new series of “Jam in the Cyber Kitchen”. We will not be broadcasting this, or recording it, or promoting it other than to find more friends and artists to join us. It will be a limited occupancy zoom gathering where we share our creations with each other and ask questions and have run on sentences and be ourselves and get to know each other. The key is to have a safe space for musicians to share and get feedback on their finished or not finished work. If you like the idea, please enter your artist name and email address to the exclusive email list for JITCK.

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  1. the Late Circuit says:

    Sure. I’m in. So, do we actually play together live via Zoom or share ideas and prerecorded songs? Lmk. Thanks for the invite!

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