Introducing “ClickBat”!

I’m excited to introduce you to my new band, ClickBat! We started working on music in April just after the whole world entered into quarantine due to COVID19. Johnny Rezvani sent around some song ideas and Ben Lucal and I picked up what he was putting down. Since then we’ve been recording and mashing up all kinds of vibes from our home studios in Boulder CO, Olympia WA, and Lewes DE. We’ve got 2 songs to share now and are excited to have plenty more in the works to share in the future. We will be releasing singles only and consider ourselves an internet only band, hence the intentionally mis-spelling of “Click Bait”, haha. Hope you enjoy!

You can get the tunes on your favorite streaming site at the links below:
All Dust Is Stardust
I Want To Be In Love Again

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