Inner Scepter Album Release

Inner Scepter is a conscious hip-hop duo comprised of emcee, Jack Wilson, and producer, Tom Phonic. The two met at an electronic music festival upstate New York in 2012. Mutual creative sense lead them to begin collaborating on music together. Studio nights at Savaria Studios on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn became a focus as well as exploration into what could be with their combined talents. Realizing an album was in order, singers and emcees where invited to drop hooks and verses on the mic embellishing the vibe to a full finality of a vision that conspired from outside the ego. 

Pittsburgh native, Jack Wilson brings his intricate lyrical rhymes from a vast history of performing in national poetry slams and 8 years of hosting shows at Shadow Lounge. Saint Louis born producer, Tom Phonic, brings his unique driving and dynamic beats from years of producing original electronic and hip hop music as well as playing live instruments in a handful of bands. Their debut album, “There is Only Here” is out now and encompasses their combined souls as Inner Scepter with a thematic presence of claiming your inner royalty.

If you been getting into this, check out the MUSIC VIDEO.

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