Civil Uncivil Minds – Album Is Out Today!

“Civil Uncivil Minds” is a conscious hip hop album written by Kaotic Rawkus and Tom Phonic in the old Pfizer building on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn. The album’s topics span multiple societal and racial issues. The writing process began during the 2016 election year and as the years and issues progressed during Trump’s presidency, each song became more immediate of a message to write for the album. As we were putting the finishing touches on the album, 2020 rolled around with Covid-19 and a higher and wider awareness of these underlying social and racial issues that our album tries to bring into the light. We are hopeful you will give the album a listen and contemplate the message from our prospective. It’s also not a coincidence that July 18th is International Nelson Mandela Day. This day is supposed to inspire people to take action, inspire change, and do something that makes the world a better place. We are hopeful this album achieves the goal for this day.

You can enjoy the album on all major platforms here. We appreciate any support and if buying the album from our bandcamp is an option, we do prefer that as bandcamp is the best option for direct sales from artist to fan available. I mean, unless you wanna email me and send me money directly to paypal. Damn, that’s not a bad idea.

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