Featured on Klangboot Radio

A great ambient electronic music radio station, Klangboot, based in Russia and Germany featured a track from Tom Phonic’s “Good Luck Knowing” album released earlier this year. Have a listen to all of their soothing podcasts on soundcloud and give them a follow or like.

The Wickedest Sound

Playlist The Wickedest Sound 2012-08-08 00 Clubroot – Ennio’s Eden (‘III – MMXII’, Lo Dubs, LODUBS12001) 01 Otto von Schnarch – Salpica (‘Supermeng’, Monkeytown, MTR028LP) 02 Danny Scrilla – X (‘Flash Powder EP’, Cosmic Bridge, CBR006) 03 Tom Phonic – Son Jim Lee (‘Good Luck Knowing’, Memory Format, MFM13) 04 Cluekid – Into The Jungle …